Actually I still like the real sex dolls series

I am a man with a dual personality, because sometimes I am sometimes a man, sometimes a woman’s skin. I took a real sex doll because when I became a woman, I wanted to be with a woman, and I had a hard time finding a real woman. I am a 41-year-old man from a couple (but don’t live in the same apartment with my lover, not in the same city, and we are only half the time together). I’ve been interested in dolls for a while and I’m looking for answers to my (many) questions. I like to read, rather than drown in these issues, I will wait first, and I will not be able to access them until I can find them in the relevant section (and I admit that I can’t wait). Prince of space? More like a hobo in the sky, even in my distant youth, I actually still like the real sex dolls series.

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