With unlimited imagination of sex dolls

I usually still feel the reinforcement system that keeps the sex doll upright, and some dolls are so clumsy and heavy that I’m not sure if they can stand upright when using the reinforcement skeleton. When you select a body, you will automatically select a face with it. Only a few brands sell baby faces that are fixed, so there is no border on the neck, but it is not easy to wear. Hello everyone, I am very interested in bjd (several I own) and animated dolls, I am looking for an alternative doll (usually larger than 70 cm) (for most larger dolls), I will look for When it comes to this forum, this is a more realistic doll. I don’t intend to use it “sexually”, but just customize it and use it as a photo model or drawing model. With unlimited imagination of sex dolls, I hope to be able to transcribe the characters in my pictures or stories into a realistic doll.

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