When my sex dolls are ready to arrive

I try to happily switch to the sex doll world (or at least “my doll”! Learn who can be … faithful to the end of the nails, even … synthetic!). I have browsed many links, addresses, etc. for a while. I try my best to walk around this world … more or less obscure … without the financial ability of family members, unfortunately, the silicone “luxury” doll has not been able to access me yet! Hey … after a lot of research and real love, my choice was a cute doll at premium (the breasts of the 165 fuselage F cups protrude slightly more than me, but hey …)) right to talk with Bruno .. I Glad to talk and share with you. Thank you in advance for hosting and much more. Superb craftsmanship and superior performance are just the minimum requirements for beautiful synthetic plants. I am also new to this forum and I consulted as a guest when my sex dolls were ready to arrive. Not far from April this year.

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