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I also strongly recommend a French company to avoid all kinds of disappointments. Visiting the showroom is also a good way to get to know yourself (I can’t do it because the distance is a bit far). Also pay attention to the weight, as a 40 kg real sex doll can be complicated. Have you ever flashed one of them? Or are you waiting for Christmas to get a promotion like me. I am new to sex doll adventure and I registered on the forum a few months ago. Also, it was strange because I thought I had introduced myself. But my message history shows 0 and he must be correct. Although the information collected here or elsewhere does not prevent me from being scammed, I will provide more details in the right place. Here you will get the right advice, the right link to order your loved ones securely. Sorry, sorry. 40-year-old man, single. Register fresh on this forum to learn more about real sex dolls.

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