I want to install several real sex dolls like this

Cheap dolls are not enough, you have to anticipate the cost of clothes, accessories, maintenance. You may have to consider the most suitable real sex doll form to easily find a role-playing the same size as him. And there is weight you will be able to bear! There is nothing more appreciative than trying to visit the showroom. Do you plan to take pictures? Or just stay at home for decoration? Anyway, you will find many answers here. I don’t recommend hugging model dolls with people in a standing position. I suggest hugging sex, softening them, and affecting their good behavior! I like to see one of my dolls standing, I want to install a few real sex dolls like this, and also hug me. After 6 months of “2-3 honors per day” treatment, my little child showed signs of weakness in photos, gloves, perspective, retouching, and we can get rid of it.

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