I have looked up before buying real sex dolls

Great help and support! welcome! Good quarantine packaging. A few months ago, I became interested in real sex doll for much the same reason as you (but not disillusioned). No interest in cosplay or comics. Alright … everything went well. The porn experience is there. interesting. But in the end, it went a little in the background, but it was to discover … and deepen my ability. Cohabitation is cool. Fully compatible with life with different centers of interest (the doll is not in the center), of course, it is a very unique experience. Psychologically: 0 worried. No doubt (before buying, out of my sanity, considering myself and considered a balanced person, I can really …) Now that she is there, I can say that there are no false mysterious metaphysical issues ,and many more. Everything happens in a natural way. Also, it surprised me. But I have looked up before buying real sex dolls (no manic-depressive period or anything else) and I think it helps to understand where we are going … basically here. If it can shine.

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