I continue my sex dolls research

You will find many topics related to this topic. For the lips, I use an oil pastel and remove the essence F. For sex doll makeup that hasn’t been tried yet. The original is not yet! That way I wo n’t choose the face based on makeup, but the mold. Silicone versions usually have more details and are more balanced in weight across all sizes, but at a different price than TPE. But there are also TPE dolls with good details. You will have time to see new dolls, faces, remade (more details),-Become a real finger joint system, knowing robotics, I worry about its face and details tpe, but the model you show Great. It convinced me that I would continue to grow in 4 years and that I had time to see the progress that was not completed. Anyway, the robot will scare me a bit, but I continue my sex dolls research and thank you again for your answer.

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