I am here to discuss real sex dolls with you

I think this is my hesitation, which makes me a little uncomfortable on this forum. I am here to find answers to my multiple real sex doll questions, whether they are technical or psychological issues. I do n’t have anyone who is particularly interested in comics or role-playing like this. I pay tribute to the introduction and push me to try to attract me into the doll as well as he does. The reason is a new emotional experience Force, this experience may correspond to me, it may be in a very empty and somewhat disillusioned period. However, I know that there must be psychological before and after we try … I am here to discuss with you real Sex dolls, find a way to echo my questions and answers. Turn this demand into desire. I am in the same situation as the orphan Cedric from other forums, so I register here. There seem to be fewer people among us, but this is interesting. I am sure I will be equally warmly welcomed here.

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