Consider the limitations of choosing a real sex dolls model

Hello, over forty years old, single, and after purchasing my first real sex doll, I signed up to read a variety of practical tips, look at the inspiration of photo galleries (stage, etc.) and find links and tips to buy clothes. It took me a while to find a serious FR forum on this subject. Hello newcomer! My name is Phil, 55 years old and I just bought a male doll! I just miss a night, so I think a love doll would be perfect in my case. Considering your description, it should be made with love dolls! Of course, there are also limiting factors to consider (at least: it takes its place, you have to spend time on various things, maybe money on “use”). In short, I don’t think there is much, but you have to think about it. Once you are sure that this will be successful, consider the “restrictive” physical characteristics (basically weight) of the real sex dolls model when choosing it.

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