There are these beautiful Japanese sex dolls shapes

You take the time to read this forum. I think you will already have many answers to your Japanese sex doll questions. The piper’s lover! I really like 160. Regulations have not been updated, but below 135, we avoid talking about them, so Piper 130 is both cute and sutured, mouse and mouth. It’s weird for selling prices in U.S. dollars, people can think of direct sales as inflating them, and they prefer to go through local agents and intermediaries. The administrator can order from you, but since the site has not been established, it is more manual, a doll. It’s great for photos ^^, but the options in this area are quite limited. I have a doll of 135. Even if it is small at times, it also has these beautiful Japanese sex dolls shapes. Its weight is 25 Kg. It is still my love anyway. My Halloween can be disguised as a headless knight. Hi everyone, and hello, thank you to everyone who just arrived on this topic.

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