Personally prefer shopping from Japanese sex dolls

Thank you for your welcome and suggestions, but I do n’t know if the Japanese sex doll below 135 cm is taboo or illegal, I read vaguely somewhere on the forum that the prohibited size starts from 100 cm … but I will remember . Otherwise, just to reassure you, are you sure the site where the account was deleted is reliable? Oddly enough, the price on this site is not much different from the price of another site that I usually go to (apparently after review). However, if someone can reassure me, then I might buy from them because other websites in question are suspected of fraud and I think what I read somewhere is here. I personally prefer to buy things from Japanese sex dolls, because Bruno will take care of everything, he will check your doll when he arrives in the French workshop, you will surely receive what you ordered, and also receive customs questions, he will Provide service after sales and repairs.

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