I do not sell Japanese sex dolls below 135 cm

Don’t forget that a Japanese sex doll is very fragile and was purchased from a silver doll. If it is broken, you will have no one to repair it in France. No interest in ordering directly in China. I do the same, I want to order the silver doll directly on the spot, but after introspection, I prefer to traverse, especially because this is my first doll, so know that the professionals will take care of everything, whether it is necessary to We provide support. Actually, I did not sell Japanese sex dolls below 135 cm, because most models provided by the manufacturer have children’s faces, so they are strictly banned in Europe (viewed with BR and customs). Last week, I agreed to add two new WMdolls 108 models to the catalog, as they obviously do not carry the image of a child and are therefore not banned in France.

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