Not yet in any Japanese sex dolls

On the other hand, on the same site, if I look for a 130 cm Japanese sex doll, the price is almost unchanged compared to the price of the manufacturer, which is 1390 € for the French site and 1600 $ for the manufacturer site. Here, the price game seems strange to me, that’s why I want to see if you think this site is reliable, especially because they still have a phone number where they can be reached, and I can even chat directly with them via chat Talking to an online consultant on the site, he told me that their supplier was a company based in China, which was obviously one of the few companies that met the manufacturing standards. On the other hand, I also find it strange that I haven’t found this site on any Japanese sex dolls forum for the time being. So I feel myself. However, their website looks serious, explains a lot of things, and has linked to it.

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