One 150 cm Japanese Sex dolls for sale

I have only been here for a few months. The security website is quoted here, and I strongly recommend that you provide the same Japanese sex doll product that is 3 times cheaper … the counterfeit market is huge, and you may read many articles about it. It can be said that my choice turned to Piper doll, which obviously has no joints in the neck because the head is integrated with the body. So I think it will be more beautiful and immersive. But what’s worrying is that at the site I’m going to, a 150 cm Japanese sex dolls costs only 1,690 euros, so on the manufacturer’s website, it sells for 2,100 dollars, or about 1,800 euros. Therefore, I found that the website (obviously a French website) was resold at a low price of 200 Euros. After that, it seems that some websites have special promotions for dolls, so I don’t know.

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