Links to Japanese sex dolls I’m interested in on this topic

Maybe make her better (even though I usually prefer natural things), why not get a Japanese sex doll later. See … so I came here out of curiosity and learned more about silicone and VSE dolls in reliable or unreliable places and maintenance, because I have been interested for several years. ‘My thoughts’ If I can get a satisfactory result, I will tell you why not, please send you some pictures on the subject. Thank you in advance for your welcome and have a great day knowing that I have found some models I might like, but don’t expect something amazing because I don’t really have the ability. Can I give links to Japanese sex dolls that I am interested in? … and there is a website that sells dolls that are not too bad and inexpensive, which attracted me, but I would like to ask for your opinion. Know if you know the website in question and if you think it is reliable. But as above, I don’t know if link posting is allowed.

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