If you want a pure sex dolls

Because a sex doll is very beautiful (especially on beautiful photos), but it has not only advantages and beauty … I just want to mention two small points: weight and mobility! However, I don’t want to list the disadvantages one by one. Therefore, apart from the “hug” aspect, I have to say more than some “posts” that I said earlier to my “Miss”, this is: when I came back from my girlfriend, and it was not going well, I looked This beautiful doll, I said to myself: “What is simple and peaceful! … Almost cautious! It is difficult to fill the sexual aspect. Take the most expensive thing for sure! Not necessarily. Urdolls are American dolls. Price High, delivery also arrives at customs. If there is a problem, the price of the returned product will be increased without calculating the shipment. You will have to wait a long time. If you are satisfied with this quality, sex dolls will not make You are satisfied. If you want a pure sex doll and are not sure, even if the price is not an issue, I suggest you first test a cheaper doll in TPE. Not silicone, but it has provided you with an overview.

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