Moving And Moving Sex Dolls Is Not Necessarily Easy

Between 2000 and 10,000, there are not even photos. In the worst case, if you don’t want it anymore, I’m sure some people will be happy to buy your sex doll at a discounted price. Your first question is being able to “hide” your doll. But there is a lot of time to spend on it. Just like cleaning it, put it in the shower or bathtub. If used in the office, there are wipes … plus the pestle needs to be cleaned. But it also takes a long time. Many of us buy a lot of clothes, underwear, shoes. If you do the same, it will still take up space and time. Shopping time, and time to dress and change clothes. Think carefully and read the forum carefully. And, if you don’t like moving heavy objects, 25 to 40Kg (most dolls are kept), moving and moving sex dolls is not necessarily easy. I totally agree with everything said, especially the paragraph I quoted above.

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