You read the comments carefully before choosing and deciding sex dolls

Of course, certain social conditions that have developed over the centuries are not trivial, but if I remember correctly, men’s testosterone is 20 times higher than women. Therefore, it is natural that he is usually (not meant to be “always”) active and demanding on the sexual level, while not (as these sex doll believe, can explain this) or must be obsessed Or perverted! This is what I am happy to say “A woman is just a slightly different man” and “A man is just a woman is a little different”, but “a little” is there, it’s all different! Not seeing or accepting it is a good portal for misunderstandings and conflicts. In other cases, I read that you can hardly endure disappointment. I can only suggest that you read the comments (if not done yet), notes and warnings before choosing and deciding sex dolls to “close” to reality as much as possible.

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