We warm sex dolls from the outside

I’m almost 30 years old. I just bought a sex doll. The “perfectly shaped woman” on his side attracted me. I wanted to experience it out of curiosity. I was surprised, it was disturbing, and the life-like illusion passed. This requires a lot of maintenance, and my one is very heavy (40 kg), which disappoints me a bit. Really cold TPE material …: I went back to photography and I tried some “hands-on” shots, hope to share them here! TPE is cold, that’s for sure, but summer is an advantage! In the winter you have to make it and heat it by against it. Cold but so hot … Yes, it warms us inside, so we warm sex dolls from the outside, looking forward to your work and beauty. All of us are “trapped” in the same way … a beautiful object, which the seller and their photographers stand out well!

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