I feel that sex dolls will gradually disappear

I put “traps” in quotes, because sex doll traps are not terrible, and they can even become very enjoyable! Disappointment is usually the result of waiting … if waiting is disproportionate and impractical, so will disappointment! Therefore, ask and inform yourself carefully (better to know later, but never too late), because the real “trap” may be our level of ignorance. Its goal is everything, its advantages and disadvantages! TPE is really heavy … and it’s cold! Even if some people are not really warm and sometimes even “cold”, a real woman usually has a warm body, which is true, a good day and good reading. I expect a lot (too?), The smell of TPE is strong enough, but as time goes by, I feel that the sex dolls will gradually disappear and a small amount of toilet water is added to the water level.

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