Bought my first sex doll

In the worst case, she will be surprised, but if she loves you, she will understand you and support you. I am an only child and my mother accepts many things. I bought my first sex doll when I was 25 years old, and I discovered it when I visited it 4 years ago. I also lived in my mother’s house at the time, and I still asked her for consent, and she accepted. She was always visible in the room at that time, and the friends and mother who came back were always surprised. For hiding places, it must be horizontal. Mine is on my trunk bed. It’s a good idea. There is no lock on my trunk bed. It was quite heavy to lift overall, so no one was curious who raised it to see what was inside. The correct method of cleaning is that if there are no small black molds, they must be thoroughly dried indoors. A piece of TPE sex doll must be torn to the surface.

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