My sex dolls have arrived

TPE is easy to mark, so folding is not easy. Those who have to hide sex dolls are often forced to use horizontal breasts and place the dolls on a clean, tight blanket. First of all, be very careful, because the small spherical TPE is very light, as soft as a British pudding, things exceed (arms, legs, head …), and can only be hung on all nearby things. I realize that my posts can be frightening, but in fact, I want you to be happy about your beauty, because after the first share (always with me), I went to 2 and then It was 3 and now it is 4 again, so they brought me. Happy holidays at the end. I ended up choosing a safe bed. I must receive it within a week. My sex doll have arrived and only I can’t open the packaging … it’s really difficult and have to wait with her in the box for a few days … unpack the package and let your mother find it, you will be frank.

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