Because the weight of 25 kg sex dolls is really unbearable

I received my second sex doll (JY doll 168 cm), it has a bigger figure and bigger breasts, but I do n’t like the face, the seller mistakenly thinks the color of the eyes (black instead of black), I will be in Take a photo immediately after receiving the coupon! Yes, the TPE of my YLdoll has a strong smell and it gradually starts. It must be vented. For the exuding side, yes, the doll is still cool, so there is excess oil. It must be washed several times gradually until the oil comes out to remove it. After more smell and exudation. For a new topic on the forum, I just provided me with a sex doll, and I admit that I was a little disappointed with the weight (25 kg), because it is 1 point and 50 pounds, and I think this is the negative point … if it is not for realism The words of those are very bluffing! what! I will forget that I am 60 years old, divorced, the 3 children I love and the truly disappointing “adventure”, I think he said that this is because the weight of 25 kg sex dolls is unbearable, and the weight of 1 cubic meter is not enough Make him no longer a monk.

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