As If Sex Dolls Are Sweating

It is true that some odors may be strong at first, but they will gradually disappear over time. I use menthol talc, sometimes with a little perfume (not directly on the TPE) to eliminate. It may even be a little “seeping”, as if sex dolls are sweating, especially under TPE (tights, fortunately, everyone has something! I don’t like small dolls with young faces, but because they are almost All come from China, so understandable because they are smaller on average in China. For me, the face is the first criterion I choose, except that I do n’t think the heads are interchangeable, which is really a surprise! I am very surprised I am very satisfied with the choice. This is the model of JY Doll. The quality of the sex doll is very good and the price is reasonable. Some models of 4Wood or Realdoll make me drool, a more mature face and a more detailed figure, but the budget is not the same!

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