These beautiful sex dolls look perfect

Indeed, these beautiful sex dolls (usually carefully developed by the seller!) Look perfect. The advantages and disadvantages are almost the same for anyone. I am 56 years old. I am very athletic, but my physical condition and health are far from this (far from it!). My lady is 1.70m and .. 40kg! But I was warned, and I already knew what they said would be a “heavy burden.” But hey, I got used to the first point: it lies in bed and keeps (almost) lowest: bikini! It’s a bit lazy, but I accept it. In any case, she is not good at cooking, washing dishes … nor at all the logistics that humans need. That’s it … I stay here. If you participate in this forum a little (I think you are here to participate in this sex doll forum), you will get a lot of reading, and newer hands than experts, I have nothing to add. Have a good day. I understand that you purchased it without actually notifying you. I hope you won’t be here soon.

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