Such a relationship cannot be as beautiful as Japanese sex dolls

I have an “artist” and an “explorer” beside me, so I have a lot of imagination, creativity, and sensitivity … but I don’t think such a relationship can be as beautiful as Japanese sex dolls, and so on. She wants peace. Another thing: Even as my sexuality grows (and my physical condition!), I seem to be “cute” and seem to calm down. In my relationships, I know that at this point I have developed very well with a woman! We had sex all night … this is the only thing I think of in a movie! For almost 48 hours, I was “lucky” like he was floating above his clouds … not “on my head”, but actually my body … as if I had been shot dead by je-ne-sais ( (Probably endorphin), I can say that I have n’t eaten anything (not even drinking). I don’t think (I would even say I’m sure!) This experience can happen at this level of Japanese sex doll, even a doll.

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