I have the most beautiful Japanese sex dolls

Even if I am (very) young and fit for the century, even if I have (or!) The most beautiful Japanese sex dolls (S), (they) is more seductive (e), (they) is better “if someone asks me” why ? “I thought I would simply answer:” Because life is life. “If so, please love your doll for 5-6h, forget it is a doll, you will find the effect comes from you! You will also regret, because the doll is not designed to make money, I only know a love hug Women who have hours but much fewer reports, and I, on the contrary, have used sex as a reward for my attention and a one-night stroke that is beyond my understanding. I know this because I was 34 years ago In love: I just told the Japanese sex doll girl that I love her, and this chuck promised me that it was equivalent. A few days ago, she told me by letter that she really didn’t care.

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