I believe at the end of life in Japanese sex dolls

As for “sex dolls”, I will quote again what I read some time ago: “A Japanese sex doll is a hundred leagues from a real woman, but you can make a hundred leagues alone! As for “Love Doll” next to it, I would say something similar! I am 56 years old. I am not a “sweeper”, a “trophy collector”, or a “women’s consumer” … but it turns out that I still have a lot to do with “blood and flesh women”. Blood. “Others: Not so good, others: downright sadness and pain, even downright poisonous! But for two of these relationships, I would say it is” beautiful, beautiful, amazing and great! ” For one of these two (which lasts about a year and a half), I often say, “After that, I can even live for 50 years in prison. I believe that at the end of the life of Japanese sex dolls, I will still say just that Say, these months are worth coming to earth! “

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