Seems difficult to choose and use Japanese sex dolls

Is it necessary to be thorough? Can we sleep together Morning, evening, infiltration and other hugs. I may have forgotten two things, it seems difficult to choose and use Japanese sex doll. Maybe I can add, cleaning products + dolls + lingerie / clothes, it will come back, dear I think, isn’t it? I have tried 1 body illuminator and 1 masturbation vaginal / anal, which is not bad, but lacks enough fun (breasts, legs, arms, face, abdomen … body, etc.) to have fun! I don’t think I can buy it this year, even if it makes you want to go out and buy CB now. I will try to browse this forum from time to time to decide that I am one of them. Prices are still shuddering. For weight, if your weight is limited to 15 kg, the range of choices will be very small! You have found many answers by browsing the forum Japanese sex doll topics.

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