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I don’t have a doll yet. However, qq track … please take a moment to write on the Japanese sex dolls forum to unlock access to other areas. Take the time to read the maximum. Many of the questions you have to ask yourself are not related to basic questions. For example, the essential thing in a doll is bone. Many apartment manufacturers have unqualified people in their bones. Then there is the problem of its formula affecting most of the skin’s cracks … Finally, if your manufacturer, seller or reseller is in France, it’s different than it is abroad. The French will maintain their reputation and will advise you so that you can rest assured and even repair the doll. It seems to be common on dolls. Establishing connections in France changed Bcp’s life. Good night on the forum. For all Japanese sex doll questions you answered on the forum, I suggest you go to the Love Doll screening in the French Centre.

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