I guess Japanese sex doll will deteriorate faster?

Can we choose different Japanese sex dolls vagina, more realistic, with more details on it (big lips, small lips, pink, beige, etc. are important to me). Vaginal, anal, mouth, this is Must, I can use these three holes. At this price, a, I’m definitely not rich, but I can save money, but is it really worth it? I heard recently that 3D dolls are cheap? Will it be less than 1,000 Euros? When will it come out? Being able to choose fluffy breasts instead of firm … How to choose a head that will please us in time? What material is the life? How often can we use it? 1,2,3 times a day? Regarding frequency and cleanliness, I guess the Japanese sex doll will deteriorate faster? The strongest pressure in the doll is cleaning.

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