I don’t know much about the Japanese sex dolls world

Regarding my life with my Japanese sex dolls, she gave me happiness and joy, which is the reason I have a happier tomorrow. I have 100% opinion, which runs counter to Berny62 written in all content on this forum. Even I lived a beautiful love story for 7 years. Today I see old age. Even with the company of Miss World, I will not Take risks and change dolls. The doll made for me matches the minimum age I’m looking for. I am between 22 and 30 years old (with some anonymous history) and my disability makes me feel lonely, but this is not the subject. So I’m single, young, and looking for a fictional company. Even if I’ve been looking for a long time, these Japanese sex doll are an exciting thing, and I don’t know much about the sex doll world.

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