So know how to enjoy Japanese sex dolls

Fortunately, I can talk about cars, because it is easy to spend money, but not difficult to win money, so know how to enjoy the fun of buying Japanese sex dolls, changing girls, cars every night … People or people who have been or are about to enter half a century, I don’t think their experience (especially their misfortune) will necessarily necessarily have the same view. It depends on how lucky you are in your life. At present, I only know some girls who talk a lot, but contrary to what they say, I only consider myself. For my part, I think I still have time to hope, but I’m still not very confident. Finding a good person is scarce. Regarding the cleaning of Japanese sex doll, the frequency of use and even the life of xyZ, I want to inspire some questions. Question / Requirement … Weight, I don’t think I want to wear something <= 15kg. Appearance is important! Face and body.

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