No real arrangements for sex dolls

I read some good stuff on this forum, and some people sometimes say what their sex doll brings. Sometimes I am very surprised! I live alone. I have a girlfriend for several years, and a few months for a doll. They both knew each other’s existence and accepted each other, but they didn’t really get along with each other. I almost want to say that they complement each other well! My lady on TPE has “big tits” … she is simple, calm and peaceful. The other ladies are a little … different! I’m a bit complicated. People are often complicated … My impression is that from here (from the eyes of my boy’s head!) These ladies are usually very complicated! I have a feeling that “gender equality” (under-understanding and naive and unconditional) does not really arrange sex dolls, but hey! So we got used to it. Or at least we try.

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