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Good evening, we are about 45 years old and have been in love for about 29 years. At the request of the lady (although the sex doll is to please me) to change our relationship while staying between us. And no, this is not following the child’s departure, but it will happen … that means that I will leave me and I will have to work for another. I have read a lot of very useful articles for beginners like us on this forum. I introduce myself. Dens I am 51 years old. It’s been a while since I wanted to buy a doll, why not help me fill my loneliness. I am a newbie and I hope this forum can learn all the knowledge that is worth learning, why not find one that can exhaust me! I think you will find the answer to the sex doll question here. Read everything when you have access to the rest of the forum.

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