My wife becomes sex master with sex dolls

But now it is 1 year ago, and I am late compared to your question. I just recorded the files on the forum in the space of hours and did not return until yesterday. In any case, the sex doll sports model is very beautiful, but the legs are too thin and the breasts are a bit round to be realistic. There are no particular problems with this product, except for a little nasty gasoline smell, I want to replace it, so my new choice is WM158G, which is being ordered. My wife becomes the new owner with the wife of sex dolls: we will begin a relationship with the three. Will a relationship with three bring more crazy moments? Or a couple, more of a family vacuum, like a girl can pet? She asked? …? We want to know everything. And take a moment to find the sex doll woman she dreamed of. You will find your happiness. But how long does it take to find the right person!

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