The key to miracles and happiness sex dolls

Sex dolls can certainly help, enjoyable, fun things, etc., but I don’t think it can really fill loneliness. It’s nothing more than the “so-called” social network or many other things we’re trying to sell that prove it’s the key to expected miracles and happiness! I think loneliness is above all a state of mind. One may be in the middle of the crowd and feel (very) lonely … because one can be lonely without suffering loneliness. It’s a bit boring: you might have a lot of things to do, anyway, boring … or nothing to do but boring. Our consumer society already understands this … that’s why we offer a lot of (almost) easy to buy things, which can temporarily alleviate the problem but not solve it. Because then, we risk not wanting to buy a sex doll. Big money in all the lures we offer! Come … good evening. Before you fall asleep, start talking nonsense … if you haven’t done it yet!

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