I know these sex dolls are hard for women to wear

The size of the clothes will also play an important role. I know these sex dolls are hard to wear, but frankly, I’m afraid that 157 is too (too) … From this perspective, I will seriously consider 158. Indeed, adding removable shoulders is not such a basic selection criterion. At least not as good as the new TPE. Regarding that I prefer a person’s face, the idea of ​​cutting a head in the closet is no more than the idea of ​​a bipolar doll. I like to move my shoulders, and I can express a certain expression on the photo. For clothes, 157 is a bit “small”. I remember he placed two dolls side by side in the sex doll photo. At the top: 36 or S, sometimes you see XS, it depends. On Asian websites, I would choose S, otherwise I would often choose XS. -The bottom of pants, skirts, etc. is 34.

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