After many twists and turns sex dolls

The most annoying thing about high-breasted dolls is finding a suitable top. I often wear tight or stretchy clothes. Don’t be disappointed. This sex doll photo really highlights the difference. I like this 157 small thing, but its outline is so well drawn, and it is a bit misleading in the actual measurement results. Actually, because I realized the difference between these 3 dolls (at least on paper), my ideal is to mix these ladies together (158D in the C Cup, or draw more outlines of 156C) . My choice is “directional” because I have selected the WM series and the predefined size / weight range (i.e. 155-160 cm, weight 25-30 kg). For measurement, there are no strict requirements, good chemical properties, just crushing. Finally, after many twists and turns with sex dolls, I only have the eyes of Judy 158D.

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