I found that the address of sex dolls is different

The first negative return was not for the sex doll I did not receive, but for UPS. I realized that impatience also played a little role, but at that level, it was obviously zero to me. Already using UPS will announce delivery at the end of the day (thanks for your accuracy). I made a harsh noise, hovering like a lion in a cage under amphibians, and then nothing. I watched online: Cancelled due to bad weather. The deposit was less than 100 terminals away from home, and 3 drops were dropped outside. Delivery is delayed until Friday to Monday (lol?). On the track, I found that the address of the sex dolls ‘sender was inconsistent. I lived in “petzouilleville” (not even bleeding, which is a very famous city), and it was displayed as, where n’ was completely unrelated (other postal codes).

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