Not related to the delivery address of sex dolls

So when in doubt, I will call the hotline and tell me that this is not important and has nothing to do with the delivery address of the sex dolls. Alright … The next day, the delivery man called me with no news and no follow up, “Hello, we are here.” Uh … where, but we couldn’t find it! “Serious !? Back to the warehouse. No tracking of the planned delivery will cause the address to be lost. The hotline is closed on weekends. The holiday is coming soon … I’m scolding UPS! Fortunately, after we agree that my case may be special, the deliveryman will end the year Tired, far away from me is the idea of ​​destroying a reputable FCL … but I said UPS is the first and last time. I want to tell you that I hope you can receive sex doll as soon as possible .. And you can free yourself easily, waiting for him to finally deliver it to you at the correct address … You are not the only person, UPS’s local provider, FedEx … This is the lottery, you can find a good person Or someone eager to complete.

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