I really want to hear the opinions of his sex dolls

If anyone here can understand 2 (or 3), I would love to hear his sex dolls opinion. I found the 157 very beautiful, but it may be a bit hairy in size (including some restricted legs). In contrast, we moved to TPE 2017 and updated the skeleton with removable shoulders (if I say nonsense?) For the face, I haven’t made a decision yet. Considering the many functional wigs, in my case it was very variable. I wish I could transition from classic glamour to more border looks, like fantasy / role-playing … not obvious at all. I thought of beautiful Judy and Mira because they inspired me many possibilities. The removable shoulder is an option to change the shoulders and joints of the coup. On WM, it is not much different from the standard sex doll skeleton. If you are not sure, you can also try two faces, it’s just a risk and then want two people’s bodies.

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