I can’t see talcum powder anywhere in Japanese sex dolls

I also have a problem with talcum powder. I can’t see anywhere in Japanese sex dolls that talcum powder / starch is poorly deposited in some areas, without proper absorption, or even impossible. In fact, it has been in the “sewing” process of molding, so the thickness of the sides, legs and arms (inside and outside) is between 2 and 10 cm! I know that TPE is not optimal before 10 to 15 days (time is out of time), but here it looks as if the material is not “identical” on the side, which is the advice of an incompetent seller It is said that the seller was installed in the south of France. At the time I had the same Japanese sex doll suggestion, and then came here with the body of the integrated garter. It was blue everywhere. I even tried to bleach in the bathtub.

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