Actually preserved the area where Japanese sex dolls were repaired

Talcum powder must not be placed in tons. The seams are full of bumps. In fact, the area where Japanese sex dolls are repaired is still sometimes more sensitive. For Lea, the chin has been repaired and the starch leaves have traces, which are difficult to see. This thing is so bad, I hope you can quickly and easily regain your look. The manufacturer should provide a small sample of TPE separately so that we can perform tissue testing … or can we use soles? Sometimes you need to rest to be stressed. For example, a red skirt was worn for two days without leaving any traces on the buttocks, and most of the weight of the doll, but on the third day, the skirt was caught in the folds of the thigh and pressed tightly on the lower abdomen As a result, it is not the traces of the buttocks, but the buttocks, and walks well to the pressure on the thighs and abdomen. Sometimes it is limited to allergic reactions, there is almost no clothing contact, and there are traces! Very complicated. I have different experiences in color and fabric. It is indeed a lottery. But overall, Japanese sex doll brand products have fewer problems.

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