Hardly immediately put on sex dolls

In the end, everything was impeccable until I left this damn fabric for a night photo: the black garter! And it’s very fast, and almost never put on sex dolls (in full panic mode). She was already wearing stockings, so I didn’t see her come until I passed the waist. But the crazy thing is that it has been wiped off like that, and even wiped off after being washed … I don’t know what he dyed in the factory, it’s terrible! In short, the elasticity from the top of the thigh to the navel has all discolored my beauty (I watched it without pulling it). I started to treat with gasoline F every day, and prayed to God TPE sex doll to make the absorption take effect quickly .. Yes, I might order a stain remover from Bruno soon, but I think there is a great opportunity for gasoline F as well. And I especially want to know the type of this doll.

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