Severe discoloration in most parts sex dolls

Especially because I did a lot of shopping for sex dolls during the waiting period, her cloakroom has provided more things than my cloakroom, not to mention accessories, jewelry, wigs, make-up … Now, general cleaning, Then … take some time to get to know each other. I didn’t keep my promise … I wanted to introduce my beauty in a beautiful form, but at the same time, a shooting competition has become a drama! Most parts of the doll have severe discoloration … But I am very careful with sex doll, and I am very organized when washing clothes: everything is immersed in white vinegar + washing hands 3 or 4 times + machine washing 2 times … in her With a lot of clothes, I can do almost all the tests without any problems, cotton and light colors of course also include black and synthetic colors.

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