I almost bought TPE sex dolls?

Doll stories are considered fragile and flawed, not so realistic when you actually see them, cost less, and sex dolls are better. For heating, this is a remarkable problem of error. I was also fascinated before buying my doll, but this is a useless gadget (you will find that the doll is not so cold and will contact you quickly), only urdolls can provide, gold is an absolute escape There are many reasons for the brand … In addition, the day when the heating fails (sooner or later), you will not have SAV. This is a wrong problem that we cannot lie on the sex doll, it has a risk of deterioration, especially in the breast. As the owner of one of the two joints, the joint is still a wrong problem in my eyes (because I Almost bought a TPE sex doll), because one joint is fast and one has not attracted much attention, and they are even very cautious.

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