Is heating a real Japanese sex dolls benefit?

Silicone and TPE have clear advantages. Considering my use … Also, it will use silicone. Also, I believe that heating on cold winter nights is a real Japanese sex doll benefit? I pointed out the image of the lady I don’t have: no young face yet, some naive or shy or mutinous blue eyes, or more likely green (must pierce the observer’s soul …) long hair and Loop, blond hair dyed blond hair with blue and green caricature with clasp heart hair, natural japanese sex dolls plump but not too big (not cover F and H …) fine size, realistic or No … Fat buttocks are proportioned to the chest. Regarding the pubic bone, I stop you right away. Do not use hair specifically. They were stuck on a plastic pad that felt dead, they were waiting … wait. I think “comprehensive” = another mistake.

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