A member lives with a sex dolls goddess

We can say that this is a “smaller” question … but that’s just my point of view. What needs to be figured out every time, when a member lives with a sex doll goddess, the valve is interesting. In her world, she is free, as are beautiful dolls. The story is not as gentle as the sweet one. What’s your opinion on sex dolls, um …-By the way-I don’t know if this is still the case-he told me he refused to sell … this explains their amazing price for silicone (even I haven’t Talk about its fragility) For molded parts, for new members: Don’t believe photos (sometimes many photos are added) depends on lighting, equipment, etc.), but recommended! Goddess, too few for me. I would be scared to leave my heart. It’s the same coin. I chose sex doll because I want to make it with silicone, one in France, just in case. I can see it in real life, but I do n’t dare to touch it near home. Place. My doll was used.

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