Owning brings many improvements to sex doll

My doll is an older generation, because urdolls has brought many improvements to sex dolls: the formulation of silicone has continued to evolve over the years, the articulated hand system (optional) has been reviewed, and finally, the internal bones have nothing to do with the doll 2011; 2013 Years … Since March 2017, the bones of 4Woods dolls are semi-metal: the tubes that make up the back and thighs are made of metal to ensure greater reliability during processing (especially bending) Its back). In this forum, there is a new generation of dolls from urdolls. If you have the opportunity to visit this sex doll maker, I highly recommend you. It’s always best to look at the products you want to buy and discuss them with the person who made them. Once the tariff level is reached, negotiations can always take place.

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